Soko-Mono-Koto / Whereabout, Things, Action

「そこ もの こと」 小瀬村真美 近藤恵介 髙柳恵里 松尾孝之 2023.8.4 fri - 9.2 sat MA2 gallery 3-3-8,Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0013 〒150-0013 東京都渋谷区恵比寿3-3-8

The Everyday Interrupted / Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art, Taiwan

The Everyday Interrupted 2023.5.6 - 2023.9.3 | 3F, Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10:00-17:00 Thursday 10:00-15:00 Closed on Mondays Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art No. 26, Ln. 150, Jianxing Rd., Caotun Township, Nantou County 54245

Solo Exhibition / MA2 gallery, tokyo

Mami Kosemura "Before the Beginning" 恵比寿映像祭 地域関連プログラム YEBIZO MEETS Partnership Program 2023年2月3日(金)ー 年3月4日(土) 13:00-18:00 日、月、祝日 休廊(火曜は事前メールアポイント制)

NFT art sales

【NFT art の御案内】 Art Power Japan さんよりNFT art 公開開始の御案内です。


恵比寿映像祭2021 地域連携プロジェクト ー 映像の気持ち ー 「小瀬村真美 × 三宅砂織」展 ____ Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2021 - E-MOTION GRAPHICS - "MAMI KOSEMURA × SAORI MIYAKE" ____ MA2 Gallery

Interview on Art Collectors' December Issue

Art Collectors' 12月号、写真特集号にロングインタビューが掲載されました。 Magazine Art Collectors' 多様化する「写真時代」 December Issue No. 141 / p. 44-46 December 25, 2020

Article on Pen September Issue

Pen 9月号、写真特集号に紹介されました。 Magazine Pen 完全保存版 21世紀写真論 ( The Complete Edition of 21st Century Photography ) September Issue No. 502 / p. 71 September 1, 2020

MA2 gallery : See the Unseen

みえないものをみる 2020.7.18 sat - 8.8 sat MA2Gallery 今村遼佑、金田実生、小瀬村真美 See the Unseen Saturday, 7/18 - Saturday, 8/8, 2020 MA2Gallery Ryosuke Imamura, Saneo Kaneda, Mami Kosemura


神宮の杜芸術祝祭 紫幹翠葉(しかんすいよう)−百年の杜のアート 会期:2020年7月10日(金)〜9月27日(日) 会場:明治神宮ミュージアム MEIJI JINGU FOREST FESTIVAL OF ART SHIKANSUIYO – ART OF THE ONE HUNDRED YEAR FOREST Dates: Friday, July 10 to Sunday, 27 September, 2020 Venue: Meiji Shrine Museum

Time Again, As Water / Dillon + Lee

Time Again, As Water Katsumi Hayakawa Mami Kosemura Steven MacIver Norihiko Saito Humans since 1982 Opening Tuesday October 22 Reception Wednesday October 23, 6-8 PM Chinatown Soup 16b Orchard Street NYC 10002 On View Tuesdays - Sundays 12 - 7 PM Dillon + Lee

Open Studio

The Sunset Park Wide Open Fall Edition Project : Modest Expressionism #1 Hanae Utamura, Takayuki Matsuo, Mami Kosemura 水と木と布 | Water Wood Cloth  Friday, October 18, 6 - 9 pm Saturday, October 19, 12 - 5 pm J & M Studios #210, 201 46th street, Brooklyn, NY 11220


『写真を読む夜 13人の写真家たちの撮影哲学: プロフェッショナルのテクニックと視点』 北村写真機店(蔦屋代官山)でのインタビューが書籍化されました。

Artfair : Artissima 2018

ARTISSIMA 2018 Torino Italy 2018.11.2 - 11.4 MA2Gallery Booth Dark Blue 12 Ken Matsubara/Mami Kosemura/Akihiro Higuchi

information: Video Screening Night at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

【information: Video Screening Night at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art】 毎週水曜日の夜間開館時間に上映プログラムを流し始めました! 毎週水曜日 pm5:00-8:00 原美術館内ホール(カフェの脇)にて 追加料金不要(展示の鑑賞料はかかります) 入退室自由 The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art is opening late every Wednesday. During that night's opening hours, we began runing the screening program at the Hall of the Museum. Screened every Wednesday, from 5 pm to 8 pm. No extra charge. (Admission fee will be charged.) Free entrance / exit.

MA2 Gallery : - Recall

小瀬村真美 林勇気 松原健 - Recall 2018年2月7日(水)〜 2月25日(日) *休日:2月13日(火)、19日(月)平素の定休日と異なります。 MA2Gallery +81-(0)3-34441133 〒150-0013 東京都渋谷区恵比寿3-3-8 3-3-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 1500013 open hour 12 - 19

Photo Fair

AIPAD March 30-April 2, 2017 Pier 94 | New York City Vernissage March 29 Booth 421 (Dillon + Lee) in the Salon Section ----------------------------------------------------------- Photo London 2017 Somerset House, London Stand G22 (Dillon + Lee) in the Pavilion May 18 - 21, 2017 Preview day May 17 -----------------------------------------------------------

"Cinematic Prism" Video screening by AIT×TAKANAWA Unlimited

Partnership event of The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2017 "Cinematic Prism" Video screening by AIT×TAKANAWA Unlimited 「第9回恵比寿映像祭」地域連携プログラム 「シネマティック・プリズム」 AIT×TAKANAWA Unlimited 映像作品上映会 My video work "Drop Off" will appear on this screening program. 映像作品「Drop Off」が上映されます。

A review on Art Asia Pacific

個展のレヴューがアート雑誌Art Asia Pacificに掲載されました。 A Review of my solo exhibition appear on Art Asia Pacific magazine.

Review on Hyperallergic

個展のレヴューがWebマガジン、Hyperallergicに掲載されました。 A Review of my solo exhibition appear on Hyperallergic magazine.

Solo Exhibition : PENDULUM | NOVEMBER 17 - JANUARY 13, 2017

Mami Kosemura PENDULUM | NOVEMBER 17 - JANUARY 13, 2017 Opening: Thursday November 17, 6 -8 PM Dillon + Lee 487 W 22 St NYC 10011 This show will be opened at Dillon + Lee in Chelsea. The exhibition will showcase my newest projects ,a series of still-life photographs "Objects" and a video installation "Pendulum", besides showing the previous photo work "Drape" and "Under Water". ニューヨーク、チェルシーにあるDillon+Leeギャラリーにて個展を開催中です。

Screening / Armory Night Screening Event in JART7TH / WAH Center, NY

Screening / Armory Night Screening Event in JART7TH / WAH Center, NY / 2017.03.04 7pm - 10pm I will be screening a program about 30 min. consisting of several short videos at WAH center in NY on March 4th. 3月4日にニューヨーク、WAH Centerで作品上映イベントを行います。30分程度のプログラムになる予定です。

New Video Pieces

I've created two kinds of video work which were appearing on Art Miami, an art fair in miami beach. Art Miami November 29 - December 4 / 2016 48 NW 29th Street Miami, FL 33127 2種類の映像オブジェクト作品をArt Miamiにて公開しました。

In and Out of Context

In and Out of Context : Asia Society Celebrates the Collections at 60 - celebrates Asia Society’s 60th anniversary - アジアソサエティー美術館のコレクションであるビデオインスタレーション作品「四季草花図」が3月8日から来年の1月8日まで展示中です。 One of my early video installations, “Flowering Plants of the Four seasons”, collected at Asia Society and Museum, NY is currently being shown at the Museum from March 8 to January 8, 2017.

Solo exhibition at Dillon Gallery

次の個展は11月にチェルシーのギャラリーDillonGalleryで予定しています。 Next solo exhibition will be at Dillon Gallery in Chelsea in NY in November.

Screening Event at RU

ResidencyUnlimitedで9月26日にスクリーニングイベントを予定中。A screening event at Residency Unlimited on September 26

Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn

以下のアーティストインレジデンシープログラムに参加中。またその近くに個人スタジオを所有中。 お近くにいらっしゃる際には是非お声掛けください! I'm currently participating in the following Artist-In-Residency program and having a personal studio near there. Please come and see my production if you come to be this area.

LIGHT YEAR 14: “Japan Parade”

6月2日にニューヨーク、ブルックリン区、マンハッタンブリッジに投影する上映イベントに参加します。野外での投影イベントですので、ご興味がありましたら是非お立ち寄りください!お会いできれば嬉しく思います。 I will participate in this screening event where it will be projected on Manhattan bridge in Brooklyn in NY on June 2. The screening will be showing outside. so If you are interested in, Please feel free to visit. I hope I can see you there.

MOT Collection

"MOT Collection -New Acquisitions -", Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. Collection Gallery, 5.19(sat) - 10.8(mon) 10:00 ‒ 18:00,

RA Forum "Diana Balmori: Landscape Manifest"

RA Forum "Diana Balmori: Landscape Manifest" October 18. Royal Academy of Arts, Geological Society, and Piccadilly (London) 18:30-20:00. *I am cooperating in this lecture of Diana Balmori, landscape and urban designer ( I have kept talking with Ms. Balmori through her manifest for this lecture. This time, the new work (ten photograph/drawing works) produced as the reaction to the conversation is introduced, and these works are exhibited as a reference work. *It is necessary to reserve the ticket for seeing the lecture.


in October, Each place in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo *A part of "Flowering plants of the four seasons" is screened in each place ("Outdoor 500-inch screen at the metro hat" -every hour at 9:30-23:30, every day-, "PDP monitor at the west walk. " etc.) in Roppongi Hills.

Hi! Sansui

□Duration : May 8th 2010 (Sat.) ~ May 30th 2010 (Sun.) □Opening Ceremony : May 8th 2010 (Sat.) 3:00pm~5:00pm □Location : Korean Cultural Center (Beijing)


Mami Kosemura presents the works to "MIACA Moving Image Archive of Contemporary Art" in Yokohama. You can confirm the preview in all works on the homepage of MIACA, and you can borrow my work easily for the event and screening. Please check the homepage of MIACA if you need the in-depth information.


2009 INTERNATIONAL INCHEON WOMEN ARTISTS' BIENNALE " So Close Yet So Far Away " 2009.8.1-31 (for 31 days PREVIEW 7.30-31) Incheon Art Platform, Incheon Chinese Culture Center etc. Organizers:The Incheon Women Artists' Biennale Organizing Committee