Short Bio

Mami Kosemura is a Tokyo-based contemporary artist whose early photographs and animations reference traditional subjects taken from classical European motifs and Japanese painting by exploring the confluence between painting and filmmaking.

Her current work pursues a new approach that incorporates various elements of painting, composition, and perspective through her painting-like photographs that have a strong sense of physical presence. By broadening her production method, the new work subverts viewers’ expectations of static imagery by introducing physical movement and illustrating the passing of time.

Kosemura says, “My work leads viewers to question several aspects of the piece itself: is it a painting or a photograph, static or changing, fiction or reality? When we start to lose our fixed perspective, we can connect these questions to far more important questions about where or what we are, our self-understanding, and our relationship to the external world.”


I seek to transcend the ways in which I’ve pursued visual expression by incorporating the elements of time and space hidden within each of these three media types (photograph, video, painting). This enables us to temporarily lose perspective.

In my early work, I created animation which reproduced both the processes of composition as well as the stories involved in paintings. My work might be seen as an illustration or drawing. However, I always take pictures of actual things. The fixed digital camera in front of a set, imitating old paintings or scenery, takes pictures at different time intervals, ranging between 2-hour and 30-minute cycles. Afterwards, I retouch about 1000-8000 pictures to imitate all of the pictures into an animated movie.

In recent years, I have been trying to transform an image into something which is not only artificial but also real, not just a movie of flicckering electric light, but also something which has a strong physical sense, which appears to both have a story and document a independent entity.
According to this pursuit, my production method has been broadening. I have started using photos as well as videos as my main media. I have also started to use HD video cameras, which can take images using super slow shooting.

Now I am exploring various ways of merging the elements of painting, video and photo.

Through my recent process, I have found that my creative method involving the compilation of photographs resulted in my confronting the past directly. The main difference between the instantaneousness of video work and that of other media like installation art is that the former always expresses the past. Taking a picture freezes the moment. And the time which photographs and video show is always from the past. The fixed still picture becomes the past when it is seen as an art work, and the audience confronts the time that has already disappeared.

Freezing the moment always brings to me a sense of connection to nothingness and death. When I see my pictures moving in my work, I always feel a sense of reality again, in nothingness.


2005 D.A. in Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

2001 M.A. in Mural, Tokyo University of the Arts

2001 Image Forum, Experimental Film School (Tokyo)

1999 B.A. in Painting Department, Tokyo University of the Arts

Selected solo exhibitions

2016 "Pendulum", Dillon + Lee, New York

2015 "Tenkei", un petit GARAGE, Tokyo

2015 "Still", Ai Kowada Gallery, Hanare, Tokyo

2012 "The Collector", ROPPONGI HILLS A/D Gallery, Tokyo

2011 "The Bird in The Darkness, The Ashen White Shadow", Yuka Sasahara Gallery, Tokyo

2007 "Miniature Garden", Yuka Sasahara Gallery, Tokyo

2004 "Flowering Plants of the Four Seasons -spring-", ASK? art space kimura, Tokyo

2003 "episodeⅡ episodeⅢ", art point gallery, Tokyo

2003 "Sweet Scent", Futaba Gallery, Tokyo

2002 "episode Ⅱ", Futaba Gallery, Tokyo

2001 "Message From Body 2 - to the isolation space -", Pepper's Gallery, Tokyo

Selected group exhibition

2016 "Plants, Trees, and Landscapes” Seimiya Naobumi and Works by Other Artists in the Museum Collection, Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Japan

2016 “In and Out of Context: Asia Society Celebrates the Collections at 60,” Asia Society and Museum, NY, New York

2015 "Art of Life", The Museum Modern Art, Gunma

2015 "The Screening for China-Japan-South Korea Summit", National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Korea

2014 "Kuandu Biennale 2014", Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

2014 "Crossing Views" - Preview of Combaz 7 Artist in Residence in Switzerland -, Regent Center, Crans-Montana, Switzerland

2014 "Crossing Views" - Preview of Combaz 7 Artist in Residence in Switzerland -, Nicolas G. Hayek Center, Tokyo

2013 "Now Japan" Kunsthal KAdE, Holland

2012 "GTS Project : The Video Festival", Asahi Art Square/Asahi Beer, Tokyo

2012 "KAIGASHIKOU -In-service teacher- 2012"」GEIDAI Art Plaza, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

2012 "The NEWS", Painting bld. 1F Art Space, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

2012 "MOT Collection New Acquisitions", Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo


2011 "2.46 and Thereafter", Edison Place Gallery, Washington D.C

2011 "VILLA TOKYO", organise by Raster Gallery, Redevelopment District in Kyobashi, Tokyo

2011 "Trick & Humor", Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa

2010 "RA Forum 'Diana BALMORI : Landscape Manifest'",Royal Academy of Arts, London

2010 "Hi! Sansui", Korean Cultural Center, Beijing

2010 "Art Tengoku - Toranomaki - ", Sento Matsuno-Yu, Tokyo

2010 "New Tokyo Contemporaries 3" , Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. (NIKKEI) SPACE NIO, Tokyo

2009 "Art Asia Miami- International Asian Contemporary Art'Truly Truthful'", Soho Studios Miami (Wynwood Convention center), Miami

2009 "2009 INTERNATIONAL INCHEON WOMEN ARTISTS' BIENNALE - So Close Yet So Far Away- ", Incheon Art Platform、Korea

2009 "Mind as Passion:A video art exhibition featuring 17 new-generation artists from Taiwan and Japan", Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

2008 "Yokohama Art & Home Collection", Yokohama Home & Art Collection, Kanagawa

2008 "Self and Other :Portrait from Asia and Europe", The National Museum of Ethnology・The National Museum of Art, Osaka・The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum・The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama

2008 "The 6th Vladivostok International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries - Pacific Meridian-", Vladivostok, Russia

2008 "NEW TOKYO CONTEMPORARIES" the New Marunouchi Building, Tokyo

2007 "Tradition and New Age -The Ink, a Monochrome World- "organized by Tokyo University of the Arts, Former Sakamoto Elementary School of Taito-Ward, Tokyo

2007 "Sustainable Art Project 2007 KOTONOHA" organized by Tokyo University of the Arts, Former Iwasaki Residence, Tokyo

2007 "East of Eden : Gardens in Asian Art", Freer & Sackler Galleries/Smithsonian, Washington D.C

2006 "NIHONGA Painting : Six Provocative Artists", Yokohama Museum of Art

2006 "Projected Realities : video art from east asia", Asia Society and Museum, NY

2005 "The country art exhibition in Ashigara", Former Seto Residence、Kanagawa

2005 TAP2005 Satellite gallery Vol.2, "Suzuki Minoru + Kosemura Mami", TAP Satellite gallery, Ibaraki

2005 "Mirage on a Summer Day -Reflections on Nature by Contemporary Artists-", Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Gunma

2004 "Picture in Motion", Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Tochigi

2004 "Seeing explains itself",Tokyo Zokei University Yokoyama Memorial Manzu Art Museum, Tokyo

2004 "eco&ego" Former Shibazaki Residence, Kawaguchi-City, Saitama-Prefecture, Japan

2004 "MOT Annual 2004 -Where do I come from? Where am I going?-", Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

2003 Vision's Program exhibition, "Kosemura Mami + Sawanobori Kyoko", Vision's Gallery, Tokyo

2003 "Filmfestival Nippon Connection 2003 "organized by Mori Art Museum, Station gallery at Mousonturm, Germany

2002 "Heikougeizyutu exibition Vol.17" Ohara-ryu Building, Tokyo

2002 "Junge Video -Kunst aus Japan- Eine Ausstellung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Mori Arts Center, Tokyo", Museum of East Asian, Germany

2002 "Green Space - Tokyo National University of Arts and Music + Bauhaus-University Weimar -" , Tokyo University of the Arts, Toride, Ibaraki

2002 "Young Video Artist Initiative Group Show ♯2" organized by Mori Art Museum,THINK ZONE, Tokyo

2002 "Off on HOLIDAYS",exhibit LIVE [laiv], Tokyo

2002 "FILIP MORRIS K.K. ART AWARD 2002 THE FIRST MOVE",Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

2002 "Ongoing Vol.1", Former Mikawadai junier high School of Minato Ward, Tokyo

2001 "SAIZON ART PROGRAM ART-ING TOKYO 2001" Former Ushigome-Haramachi Elementary School of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

2001 "The 1st Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2001" The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma

1997,9 "Kiryu Saien 4,5 - a try in a town - ", Former Industrial Building of Shimizu, Gunma

Selected Screening

2016 "The Hotel That Time Forgot, collaboration with Paola Prestini, for Carnegie's 150th anniversary with the american composers orchestra, Carnegie Hall, New York

2016 "Cinematic Prism" Video screening by AIT×TAKANAWA Unlimited, Daikanyama AIT Room, Tokyo

2016 "Armory Night Screening Event in JART7TH", WAH Center, New York

2016 "LIGHT YEAR 14: “Japan Parade", Manhattan Bridge, Pearl Street Triangle, New York

2013 "Re・Born -The sixth Sense that an image stirs up-", the Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki

2010 "MAM SCREEN" Project: Mori Art Museum, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

2010 "Can't go on like this! @ Japanese artist's videos", Map Office, Hong Kong

2010 "New Tokyo Contemporaries 3", SPACE NIO, Tokyo

2009 "Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions", Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo

2008 "O.V.L. 2", ZAIM, Yokohama,Kanagawa

2007 "Animation - Adventures of "Moving Picture", Yokohama Museum of Art, Kanagawa

2006 "The second Experimental Cinema in Japan" The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris , France

2005 "The first Experimental Cinema in Japan" Centre culturel la Clef , France

2005 "EXiS2005" Seoul Art Cinema & space Cell , Korea

2005 "Image Forum Festival 2005 " Shinjuku Park-Tower-Hall etc. Japan

2005 "art on film – picture / film" Yokohama Art Museum , Kanagawa

2004 "Photo Document 2004" photo-city Sagamihara , Tokyo

2003 "Japan meets TRICKY WOMEN", Image Forum, Tokyo

2003 "25hrs", El Raval Sports Pavillion, Spain

2003 "MIND THE GAP! Holland Animation Film Festival in Japan", Image Forum, Tokyo

2002 "Radical Imagination -technique of animation-", Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo

2001 "Cinematheque Time in a Room", Image Forum, Tokyo

2001 "The 3rd Bangkok Experimental Film Festival: Digit O", Project304, Thai


2013 Public Viewing at Cool Japan Fund Inc., Roppongi Mori Tower, Tokyo

2006 Yokohama Landmark Tower

2006 Lecture by Ms. Terry Satsuki Milhaupt "Visual Poetry: Four Seasons in Japanese Art" Grace Rainey Rogers auditorium in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

2006- Video Library in Yokohama Art Museum


Workshop, Residence, and Lecture

2016 Talk & Screening with Diana Lee "Drop Off", Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, New York

2016 Artist-in-Residency "Residency Unlimited", Brooklyn, New York

2015 "Art of Life " , Workshop, The Museum Modern Art Gunma, Gunma

2013 Talk & Screening "Combaz 7 - Artist-in-Residency in Switzerland - " , Crans-Montana, Switerland

2013 Artist-in-Residency "Combaz 7" , Crans-Montana, Switerland

2013 Final Jury in “Image Forum Festival 2013” Shinjuku Park-Tower-Hall, etc. Japan

2013 Talk & Screening "Re・Born -The sixth Sense that an image stirs up-", the Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki

2012 "MOT Collection New Acquisitions", Screening and Lecture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo

2012 "Come Wander With Me"(Seira Fukuzaki)Talk after Screning with Seira Fukuzaki, Asako Fuzioka(Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Director), UPLINK, Tokyo

2009 Talk & Screening with Jess MACNEIL,  "Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions", Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo

2007 Talk & Screening with Takashi ISHIDA, Waseda University, Tokyo

2006 Screening, Lecture, and Workshop in the Life Learning Program of Tama Art University, Tokyo

2003 Production of opening to the public in "Eco&Ego", Former Shibazaki Residence, Kawaguchi-City, Saitama

1997 Production of opening to the public in "Kiryu Saien 4 - a try in a town - ", Former Industrial Building of Shimizu, Gunma

In addition, I did artist talks in each exhibitions.


2015 The 26nd Gotoh Cultural Award by The Gotoh Memorial Foundation

2005 Nomura Art Prize by The Nomura Foundation

2002 Young Video Artist Initiative by Mori Art Museum

2001 The 1st. Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2001" by The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma

2001 Takahashi Geiyukai Award by Tokyo University of the Arts

1996 Kume Keiichiro Award by Tokyo University of the Arts

Main Collection

The Museum of Tokyo National University of the Arts

Asia Society and Museum NY

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

Gumma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi , Gunmma

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