"MOT Collection -New Acquisitions -"
Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Collection Gallery
5.19(sat) - 10.8(mon) 10:00 ‒ 18:00


My video installation "Frozen" & "Sweet Scent" are introducing as collections in this exhibition.


当館では、首都東京、国際都市東京の美術館にふさわしい内外美術の現代作品の収集を図り、展示の一層の充実を目指しています。美術の歴史を振り返る上で欠 くことのできない作品を保存し、また、若手作家の活動を支援していくことも、われわれ美術館の果たすべき重要な役割と考えています。平成23年度は、 1950年代から2011年制作の作品を396点収集しました。今期は、新収蔵品の中から、今夏開催されるロンドン五輪の記念塔をデザインした彫刻家ア ニッシュ・カプーア、世界各地で制作を続ける曽根裕の彫刻作品、奈良美智の初期作品群(寄託)と、その師であり、独創的な風景画を描き続ける櫃田伸也の作 品、また、気鋭の映像作家・小瀬村真美の作品をご紹介します。

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo holds regular themed exhibitions, based on its collection of over 4,500 works, to introduce the appeal of postwar / contemporary art from a variety of angles.  The current exhibition has three themes.

Also on 1F we will be holding the ‘New Acquisitions’ featuring works that entered the collection during fiscal year 2011.  As is appropriate for a leading museum in Tokyo, the national capital and a major international city, we collect works of contemporary art, from both home and abroad, in an effort to make our exhibitions even more comprehensive.  This is an important role for us as a museum, to both preserve works indispensable to the assessment of art history and also to support the activities of young artists.  During the last fiscal year we acquired 396 works produced between 1950 and 2011.
From among these new acquisitions we will feature work by the sculptor, Anish Kapoor, who designed the commemorative tower for this year’s London Olympics, work by the sculptor, Yutaka Sone who continues to be active throughout the world, a body of early work by Yoshitomo Nara (deposit), work by his old university teacher, Nobuya Hitsuda, who creates unique landscape paintings, and work by the spirited video artist, Mami Kosemura.

Mami Kosemura 1975-

Born in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Completed a doctorate at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2005. After studying oil painting, the artist started to create video works utilizing photographs. Sweet Scent is an early work by Kosemura, and is one of her representative works. It attempts to discover the extent to which the relationship between painting, photography, and video can vary and still be accepted by viewers. Inspired by Zurbarán's still lifes, she attempted to analyze the usage of space and time in Baroque painting.
In Kosemura's new work, Frozen, sumi ink spreads out on the paper at the front, while behind, a constantly-changing video of the sea continues to undergo transformation as it erodes boundaries. In this new composition, the two will eventually converge. This is perhaps making a statement about the time taken for creation, where a full day progresses, beginning in the middle of night, and ending when the sun sets once again, and in between the world is created from nothing, eventually ending up as dust.