The Darkness and The Bird, The Ashen Shadow"
Yuka Sasahara Gallery, Tokyo

2011.10.29. Sat. - 12.3 Sat.
A black stain is born on paper.
The black stain permeates on paper while mixing with the dark blue and purple.
Gradually, Scenery in the beach of daybreak appears in front of me from among the stain.
From light blue at the daylight to the blue-gray in the evening.
The stain extends more and more while changing the color, begins to melt on a full screen, and begins to flow on there.
When I notice suddenly, It begins to distort scenery, and scenery also flows while combining with the stain on the screen.
One ship crosses the gray sea that began to melt.
A bird flies away from the lee of a rock like running away.
The bird crossed the front of me who looked at sea of the purplish red color where it started disappearing, and left while
flapping outside the frame.

Mami Kosemura