" So Close Yet So Far Away "

2009.8.1-31 (for 31 days  PREVIEW 7.30-31)
Incheon Art Platform, Incheon Chinese Culture Center etc.
Organizers:The Incheon Women Artists' Biennale Organizing Committee

This Biennale's Main Exhibition entitled So Close Yet So Far Away explores women artistsユ
perception of space in the global age. Its raison d'etre lies in recognizing and celebrating
the artistic contributions of women artists who as a sector have been neglected and under-
represented throughout history. In the highlight exhibition Tuning this year entitled The 21st
Century, A Feminine Century, and the Century of Diversity and Hope the Biennale will
acknowledge the importance of inclusion as it embraces the works of 'femininist' male
artists and their seminal roles as well. Participation will bring together Korean women artists
who support the role of this biennale.
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