The Sunset Park Wide Open Fall Edition

Project : Modest Expressionism #1
Hanae Utamura, Takayuki Matsuo, Mami Kosemura
水と木と布 | Water Wood Cloth

Friday, October 18, 6 - 9 pm
Saturday, October 19, 12 - 5 pm

J & M Studios #210, 201 46th street, Brooklyn, NY 11220
* same building with NARS Foundation

Hanae Utamura | Water (
Takayuki Matsuo | Wood (
Mami Kosemura | Cloth (

We started a meeting to think about some kind of Japanese or oriental method that means simple and minimalistic but slightly geeky and fussy method. For starters, each of the three artists set own theme as water, wood and cloth and we will present our pieces.

I'm sorry. Unfortunately, I'm in Japan around the dates, but please come to see our project.


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A b o u t   O u r   P r o j e c t


表面上の見栄えの良さ、新しさだけがアートなのだろうか? 派手なことは良いことなのか?




松尾孝之 Takayuki Matsuo



The exhibition ”Modest Expressionism" aims to put forward a new value to the present age by daring to focus on something that is inconspicuous, modest, and difficult to understand.

In recent years, the globalization of the economy and the generalization of the Internet have made it possible for everyone to express themselves and obtain information easily.
Therefore, information increased explosively, and each piece of information was easily accessible and therefore seemingly attractive.
However, in this process we lose the faculty to properly look, experience and think about things deeply.

This raises questions such as:

Are we being manipulated by uncertain information?
What is our level of dependence to general trends ?

In order to "understand" things deeply, it takes a lot of time.
To see the essence of things that are subtle and difficult
by putting ourselves in a slow time,
by re-recognizing the old knowledge,
by being conscious of usual things,
by being conscious of immutable things (types),
and by repeating the same action.

This exhibition brings together three artists who are looking at these questions:

Takayuki Matsuo