月図   Moon
UV-print on silk with Japanese mounting for a hanging scroll / 80 x 25 cm *image / 2021





This series of scrolls is part of a rethinking of the nature of traditional Japanese painting. The characteristic of these paintings, which are mainly hanging scrolls, is that the subject matter and composition are designed to be integrated with the surrounding interior environment and other accompanying elements. In other words, in these Japanese hanging scrolls, the entire story is not completed within the frame as in Western paintings, but is only partially expressed. Therefore, it can be said that it is a very modern form of expression that includes many possibilities outside of the painting.

This work is a photographic work based on "Moon", one of the most typical subjects of Japanese hanging scrolls, referring to some characteristics of the Japanese way of depicting the moon. One of them is that the subject, the moon itself, is depicted as a blank circle. In other words, the moon itself is left as a negative space, and the existence of the moon is brought out by drawing outside the outline of the moon, not inside it. In this way, the moon becomes both the empty background and the subject of the painting. In this case, by photographing the clouds around the moon, I left the white moon as a blank background. To create this image, I combined two photographs, one of the actual white moon in the daytime seen through the clouds and the other of the ink stains on the silk for Japanese painting. The photographic printing is done on the same type of silk, and the stain on the silk is printed on the silk. The intention of the process is to muddle the surface expression of the work thus creating ambiguity between the real cloth and the photograph of the cloth.