新しく継続される写真シリーズ「Anatomical Observation」は「観察すること」、「物を視ること」に主題を置いたシリーズです。





The new ongoing photographic series "Anatomical Observation" focuses on the theme of "observing" or "seeing things".

Botanical illustrations began in the 15th century in Europe for scientific research and became widely used around the world. Many of the illustrations used in pictorial books of flora served as a record of rare herbology and botany. These paintings, which were painted with a scientific purpose, do not have the sentimental beauty found in the so-called common paintings of plants and flowers. The botanical illustrations depict the external structure and detail of the plants and flowers with such precision that their anatomical perspective seems to alert our consciousness that we have become accustomed to emotional representations of flowers.

In the process of creating this series, the plants are arranged according to the anatomical rules of botanical illustration, and are precisely focused and photographed with the camera. The taken photographs have been manipulated digitally according to the basics of how botanical illustrations are drawn.

The aim reflect upon the keen observation techniques found in the botanical illustrations.



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_MG_5155_final* のコピー

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L1010857Installation view at Kenakian (https://kenakian.jp), Japan




資料図版(額装):LICHEN PSORA rubiformis Antique Hand Col. Copper Engraving Print by John Ebward Sowerby Botany. Published London, 1810資料図版(額装):LICHEN PSORA rubiformis Antique Hand Col. Copper Engraving Print by John Ebward Sowerby Botany. Published London, 1810


Installation view at Time & Style (https://www.timeandstyle.com), JapanInstallation view at Time & Style (https://www.timeandstyle.com), Japan